violet flame to heal body mind and soul

The Most Powerful Force in the Universe!

Would you like to learn how to create positive change in your life and on the planet?

Use precise formulas of the Word to command the flow of light from your Superconscious to your conscious mind--unlocking an unlimited creative potential.

Learn how to call forth the violet flame--a high-frequency energy that can penetrate your nervous system, your heart, your brain--to increase stamina, longevity, and your extrasensory perception.

This spiritual fire can change inharmonious thought and feeling--stress, anger, depression--into a positive and centered disposition. It can increase mental clarity ... and help you deal with the long-term effects of drugs.

The Violet flame will cleanse your system of emotional and physical poisons. It will transmute karma. It will erase the cause behind the effect of disease. It will even clean the distressing records of past lives.

It will make you happy with yourself! But know this: The power of the violet flame will remain sealed in your Higher Consciousness until you summon it by the Science of the Spoken Word.


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