Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul 



Barbara first began giving violet-flame decrees out of a sense of desperation. Ever since she was a teenager, she felt depressed during the month of January, and each year seemed worse than the last. "In January I just wanted to crawl under my bed and not come out," she says. Barbara's sister, who had been giving the violet flame for eighteen years, assured her that it would help cure her January funks.

One October, Barbara sat down with a tape of decrees, Save the World with Violet Flame 1, and a booklet with the words to the decrees. She started the tape and began giving the violet flame. Barbara didn't think that she was accomplishing much since she was getting tongue-tied and couldn't keep up with the tape. Suddenly she had a startling confirmation that something was happening.

She was in her office at home and the rest of the family was in the basement. Her children didn't know that she was giving decrees. They didn't know what decrees were. Her eight-year-old son, Nathan, came to the top of the basement stairs and started calling her. She turned off the tape and came out to see what he needed. He stared at her. "Mom! Your hair--it's purple!" She looked at her hair. It still looked blonde to her.

"Really?" she said. "Yes!" he answered. Later she asked him if he really saw purple. "I saw purple all around you, Mom," he said.

As she continued giving decrees during the next few days, Nathan told her that everyone in the house and all of the rooms looked purple. She decided that he must be one of those children who are able to see into the spiritual world and she shared the secret of decrees with him. He asked her to do them in his room while he was going to sleep. He soon memorized some decrees and began giving them himself.

Not only did the violet flame transform her home, it also transformed her state of mind during the following January. Even though she was unemployed and low on money, she was happy. "I could have felt so depressed," she recalls, "but the violet flame helped me psychologically and helped us to keep the harmony in our home." By March she had found a job that she loved, and two years later she is still giving her violet-flame decrees.

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 Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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