Frequently Asked Questions about the Violet Flame  

1. Is the violet flame physical or detectable with instruments?

The violet flame is not a physical flame it is a spiritual flame. At this point in time the violet flame cannot be detected with instruments. The violet flame is a high frequency spiritual energy that resides in your Higher Self and you can access it by giving specific violet flame mantras such as: "I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires."

2. Why aren't the science of the spoken word and the science of the violet flame better known in today's world?

Actually, the science of the spoken word is a well-known practice in the world today. Communication with God or with his representatives in heaven is at the core of every religion. And since man and woman first worshiped God, they have practiced some form of the science of the spoken Word to establish this communication. Christians and Jews pray and sing hymns, Catholics offer the mass and give the rosary, Hindus and Buddhists use the mantra or chant and Muslims recite from the Koran and pray aloud five times daily.

The ascended masters teach that devotees in ancient times on Atlantis and Leumeria scientifically practiced the violet flame. The Ascended Master Saint Germain unveiled the violet flame to the world in 1929 through the messengers Guy and Edna Ballard of the I AM Activity. It is the gift of his heart to all who would prepare themselves to enter the golden age of Aquarius. Using the science of the spoken word on a daily basis-especially calls to the violet flame-will assist you to accelerate on whatever spiritual path you choose to walk.

3. What exactly do you mean by the statement: "violet flame transmutes karma" or "violet flame transmutes misqualified substance"?

The violet flame is the most physical of all the spiritual flames. When we invoke it, transmutation (or change) goes on at all levels of our being. It literally erases burdens in our body and clears negative thoughts and feelings. Not only does the violet flame expel toxins lodged in our physical organs but it also transmutes the karmas and traumas of our present and past lives recorded in our etheric, mental, astral (emotional) and physical bodies. Sometimes we can feel our personal karma as a weight or a burden upon us. As a result of invoking the violet flame, we feel lighter and less burdened because the violet flame literally consumes the cause and core of our personal problems. It truly is a miracle flame!

4. Who are the masters of the violet ray and what do they do?

There are many masters who serve on the violet ray. Saint Germain is the ascended master who received a dispensation from cosmic hierarchy to release the gift of the violet flame to the outer world.

Other beings who joyously serve on the violet ray include Archangel Zadkiel and his divine complement Holy Amethyst, the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria and the Ascended Master Omri-Tas. Each of these cosmic beings has a specific role to play in the hierarchical order of the heaven-world.

Saint Germain is and ascended master and the Lord or chohan of the seventh ray of freedom and transmutation. His embodiments include Samuel, Saint Joseph, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus and Sir Francis Bacon. He holds the office of the God of Freedom for the earth. He is also the sponsor of the New Age of Aquarius.

Saint Germain's role as Hierarch of the Aquarian Age is to work with lightbearers who invoke the violet flame to bring in the golden age of Aquarius-an age of peace and enlightenment.

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst are the archangels of the seventh ray. They focus the consciousness of God-freedom on behalf of souls evolving in the Spirit/matter planes. Together with his divine complement, the archeia Holy Amethyst, Zadkiel teaches the children of the light the mastery of the freedom flame and the seventh ray in the governments and economies of the nations, the science of alchemy and the ritual of precipitation.

Elohim Arcturus and Victoria are the Elohim of the seventh ray and focus the God consciousness of the seventh ray. When you call to them all the beings in hierarchy below them also answer your call.

Omri-Tas. Is the Ruler of the Violet Planet. He carries such an intensity of violet flame and the seventh ray in his aura that it extends far beyond the actual size of planet earth. The evolutions of the Violet Planet have served the violet flame for aeons and use the violet flame to tend to all the needs of daily life-to clean their homes, to care for and purify the planet, and even to wash and bathe in. Menial chores are performed by violet flame angels and elementals, which allow the people time to pursue the path of adeptship and to serve other planetary homes.

5. Why do Ascended Masters continually stress the importance of the violet
flame in their dictations?

The ascended masters desire that we understand the ultimate importance of using the violet transmuting flame daily in order to change our negative returning karma into positive good karma and attain oneness with our Higher Self. This is why they have repeatedly spoken about the violet flame in their dictations.

6. Do I need to give other decrees besides the violet flame decrees?

Decrees to the violet flame are a key to our acceleration on the path and the transmutation of karma, but the ascended masters teach that we will benefit by calling forth the flames of the other 6 rays also. They especially emphasize the 1st ray which is the blue ray of protection, perfection and faith. Archangel Michael is on the blue ray and it is important to call to him daily for the protection of ourselves, our loved ones, and our mission. (For more information on the Masters and their rays, read Lords of the Seven Rays by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. Order at: )

7. How many violet flame invocations do I need to give every day to effectively transmute karma?

When you first begin to use the violet flame you can start with 5 minutes of mantras daily and then work up to 15 minutes a day for best results. At first, 15 minutes may seem like an eternity because the mantras are new and you have to read the words. You may find it difficult to stay focused. However, if you stay with it, before you know it 15 minutes will have gone by and you will find that you have memorized the words to the decree and are able to even visualize the violet flame while giving the mantras.

8. What are the qualities of the violet flame or the violet "ray"? What does it actually do when I invoke it?

The qualities of the violet flame are freedom, alchemy, justice, joy, forgiveness and mercy. When you recite violet flame decrees with devotion, this flame permeates every cell and atom of your body, mind, emotions and even your subconscious memory. It steps up the vibration of the electrons so we resonate more with the pure cosmic energy that comes from our God Presence. This violet fire transmutes anything negative that is lodged anywhere in your spiritual or physical being. This includes everything from self-hatred to physical viruses.

9. How does the violet flame relate to the chakras and/or the aura?

The seat-of-the soul chakra is the place where our soul is anchored to the etheric and physical bodies. This is the 7th ray chakra or the chakra of freedom. It is the violet flame that liberates the soul from all perversions to become all that God has made it to be. The six petals of this chakra represent the six-pointed star of victory.

As we invoke the violet flame daily, it cleanses and purifies our aura and our other major charkas.

10. Can violet flame be seen in the human aura?

Yes, some people who have their spiritual senses awakened can see violet flame in people's aura. Don't worry if you can't see the violet flame. It just means that your third eye chakra needs purification. That will come after you give violet flame for a period of time and transmute any substance that may be blocking your third eye vision.

11. I've heard violet flame called a "dispensation." What does dispensation mean in this sense and what exactly is the violet flame dispensation?

A dispensation is a gift from the ascended masters. Saint Germain secured a dispensation from cosmic councils to release the violet flame to the world. This means that he offered a certain collateral of his attainment for the opportunity for us to have the use of this flame.

There are several specific violet flame dispensations. The Cosmic Being Omri-Tas gave to us one of the most important dispensations. He told us that if we call to him and give 15 minutes of violet flame daily with sincere devotion, that he would multiply our 15 minutes by the power of 10. This means that our 15 minutes would actually count for giving 2 ½ hours of violet flame! How can we go wrong with a gift like this one?

12. Will my husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend get anything out of giving violet flame invocations if they either don't believe in the violet flame or are skeptical of it?

Obviously, the more one engages their heart into the process of invoking the violet flame and has faith in the response, the greater the action of the violet flame will be in their lives. However, if someone is interested enough to try giving violet flame mantras and they invoke the assistance of the violet flame angels and masters, some kind of response will be forth coming simply by cosmic law. And then, the doubting Thomas'of the world may be convinced to continue on with their scientific experiment!

13. Are there any testimonials of people who have used the violet flame successfully over the years?

Yes, there are many exciting testimonials and witnesses to the effects of using the violet flame mantras….For example, see page 56 of Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Better yet, experiment with the violet flame and give your own testimony. It's free!

14. Can the violet flame liberate the gifts of the Holy Spirit in me?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Using the violet flame will help you get in touch with your Higher Self which is the part of you that already possesses the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

15. How do I know when I am making progress with my violet flame invocations?

You will know you are making progress with the violet flame when you start noticing that you feel a new sense of joy and purpose. And when old negative habits and unwanted desires begin to fall away. You will realize that the changes taking place are the result of the action of the violet flame because it will be the one thing that you had not tried before and it is working!



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