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Today we are used to the idea that energy rays and forcefields can be used to change and affect matter. In the realm of science fiction, there is Star Trek with its tractor and transporter beams and Batman with Mr. Freeze's cryonic energy beam that turns people into ice.

While these may seem far-fetched and impossible to us, we can do things today with energy that would have seemed equally far-fetched to most people in the last century--things like transmitting sound through the air via radio waves, heating food with micro-waves or taking pictures of bones with X rays.
We know that energy frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum have beneficial uses. Ultraviolet light, while harmful to our unprotected skin, can be used for healing. Wounds that are treated with ultraviolet light heal faster than those treated with regular medical care alone.

Ultraviolet-light treatments have also been shown to relieve intense skin itching known as pruritus. And ultraviolet light has been used to disinfect the air in hospitals to prevent transmission of tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases. It kills the tuberculosis bacteria in the air.

The action of the violet flame cannot be measured scientifically. But it may work in a similar way to the various frequencies of elec- tromagnetic energy. When a wave passes through a pond, it causes ripples. When micro-wave energy passes through food, it speeds up the electrons in the food, which causes the food to heat up.

When the violet flame passes through our bodies, it too causes change. By removing calcified emotional debris and other substance, it may allow our bodies to reconnect with their natural healing mechanism. Keep that in mind as you read the following story.

Grace had been struggling with asthma for thirty years. She had been improving her diet and giving the violet flame daily for some time, but she felt that something was blocking her healing. Every night a tightness filled her lungs and she had to reach for her inhaler and sometimes a pulmo-aide and stronger medicine.

One day Grace realized that perhaps her resentment of a former boyfriend was connected to her asthma. He had ignored her even though she had made herself over, hoping to please him. So she resented him and felt sorry for herself.

After she saw the connection between her negative emotions and her physical condi-tion, she gave about ninety minutes of violet-flame decrees and asked to be forgiven for tying up so much energy in this failed relationship. She visualized herself putting this grudge and her self-pity into a giant violet-flame bonfire. She felt all her emotional knots being dissolved and consumed.

The physical effects were dramatic. As she recalls, "About two days later, I was thinking it was time to get a refill for my inhaler. That's when I realized that I hadn't even used it in two days."

Grace hasn't had an asthma attack since. "What's more," she says, "I've been exposed to house dust, fall pollens and chemicals. I've choked on food, laughed with abandon and even gone for walks--all with no problem. In short, I am like a normal person, free to breathe the breath of life again."

The improvement in Grace's life did not come until she identified and resolved the unhappiness that was holding her back. And it was her systematic use of the violet flame that paved the way for her miraculous healing. How does the violet flame do this? It may help us to access a vibrational state in which our body can heal itself.

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