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Most scientists aren't ready to buy into the idea that energy vibrations can change our health. But recently a scientific theory, the theory of superstrings, has emerged which says that our physical bodies, which seem so solid to us, are nothing more than a collection of vibrations of strings that exist in several dimensions. If this is so, then we can easily understand how the violet flame could heal us by changing our vibrations.

Much of modern physics has been devot-ed to discovering the true nature of matter and energy. Every time physicists think they have found the smallest particle of matter, a smaller one appears.

In the last century scientists thought that atoms were the smallest particles. Then they discovered that atoms consisted of electrons circling around a nucleus. Next they learned how to split apart the protons and neutrons at the nucleus of the atom, and nuclear energy was released. But scientists have discovered at least sixty more subatomic particles-- such as neutrinos, leptons, bosons and quarks-- so many that they are sometimes termed a particle zoo.

If superstring theory is correct, we may never find the smallest particle. This theory, which has been evolving since the late six-ties, tells us that what seem like particles to us may actually be the vibrating modes of strings--strings that we cannot see, even under a microscope, because they are so tiny. Each string is 100 billion billion times smaller than a proton, so the strings look like particles to us.

Just as the strings of a musical instrument can vibrate at different frequencies and create notes and their harmonics, so these superstrings can vibrate at different frequencies, each one corresponding to a different kind of subatomic particle.

Thus, superstring theory is an elegant way to explain the existence of so many kinds of subatomic particles. They are not different kinds of matter at all. For they are, as physicist Michio Kaku writes, "nothing but the harmonies created by this vibrating string." (5)

Scientists like Kaku say that we can only see the particle and not the whole string because the rest of the string is curled up into higher-dimensional space.

Scientists are looking for ways to test superstring theory, which raises as many questions as it answers. But the idea that we are the product of vibrating strings may help explain why people have such remarkable results when they raise their vibration by using the violet flame.

Someday scientists may be able to measure the subtle concentrations of energy that make up our four lower bodies. Or they may be able to measure the energy that descends when we repeat the words of a violet-flame decree. Until then, we can experiment with the violet flame as a powerful form of spiritual energy. It enables us to reestablish our harmony and equilibrium so that we can rediscover what spiritual and physical whole- ness really is.

Through these scientific explanations, you have begun to glimpse how the violet flame works. And if you haven't decided to try it yet, read the next story.

 A Skeptic Experiments with the Violet Flame

When science and religion seemed to conflict, Darryl dropped religion. He had joined a fundamentalist Christian church in his teens but couldn't reconcile its teachings on creationism with what he was learning about evolution. He also couldn't accept that those who don't follow the Christian message are doomed to hell. "It was a very narrow viewpoint of life," he recalls.

After giving up on religion, however, he became cynical about life and cared only about living for the moment. Although he finished college and began grad school, he dropped out soon after, feeling that he wanted more of a social life. After he got a job as a research associate in the college's agriculture department, he began a life of aimless partying.

Several years later he discovered the teachings of the Ascended Masters and the violet flame. This helped him reclaim his spirituality and his motivation withoutthreatening his scientific beliefs.

He was attracted to Eastern spiritu- ality and particularly to Masters outside the Western tradition. He attended a lecture on the teachings of the Ascended Masters but was reluctant to try decrees.

Then he went to a dictation in which I delivered a message from Serapis Bey, an Egyptian Master. Serapis challenged those present to experiment with the violet flame for six months. "You won't remember in six months where you were when you started, you will be so many miles from the point of your origin," he said.

Darryl was intrigued, so he began giving fifteen minutes of violet-flame decrees every day. Before long, he did notice a difference. He quit drinking, became more motivated and creative at work, and felt his life being filled with a new sense of joy and purpose. He also reformulated his goals to become less materialistic and more spiritual.

"I remember looking back after six months and being amazed by how much I had changed," he says. "I figure that if I had kept on the way I had been going, I'd be an alcoholic, or nearly so, or have AIDS. So I feel that the violet flame has definitely put my life in the right direction."

Darryl has resumed his graduate studies and has also regained an appreciation of Christianity. He realizes that it is not Jesus' teachings that he objects to, only the narrow fundamentalist interpretation of Christianity.

 The Difference between Decrees and Eastern Mantras

For thousands of years mystics have believed that repeating sacred words and prayers would propel them into union with God. They also used mantras for ailments of mind and body. Hindu and Buddhist monks repeated mantras for healing everything from depression to fevers.

People who have tried both decrees and Eastern mantras say that decrees have a much more immediate and tangible effect. Martha used Eastern meditation and man-tras for twenty-three years. She repeated the Hindu Gayatri mantra, one of the most sacred verses of the Rig-Veda, nearly six thousand times a day. Several years ago she began using the violet flame. Now she repeats the violet-flame mantra "I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!" as many times a day as she can.

"Chanting and decreeing are two different things," she says. She believes both are necessary but now devotes the bulk of her time to decreeing. Chanting gives her a feeling of devotion. But she believes that decrees accomplish more, no matter what the goal--especially the fundamental goal of the mystics, union with God. Decrees help to remove obstacles on the spiritual path, such as fear, pride, selfishness and lack of self-esteem. "Decreeing," she says, "is what really gets it done."

Margaret left her position as a college dean to enter a Zen Buddhist monastery because of stress in her job and in her personal life. Although she felt healed by the routine of chanting and meditation, she concluded that it was an escape. "I knew that I needed to take a more active role in changing myself and the world," she says.

After she left the monastery, she discovered decrees and began using them. She has continued with them for ten years, learning how to direct the energy of her decrees to heal others as well as planet earth. "When you decree, it allows God to work through you," she says.

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