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Cynthia is one of thousands of people who have transformed their lives with the violet flame. You can recognize them the instant you meet them--young and old, from five- and six-year-olds who have just begun repeating the shortest violet-flame mantras to those who have been giving violet-flame decrees for forty years. There is an extra spring to their step, an extra sparkle in their eyes. They have a secret.

Bill learned this secret from books published by the "I AM" Religious Activity. He was on Maui in 1971 investigating a variety of spiritual paths when someone handed him a copy of Guy Ballard's Unveiled Mysteries, written under the pen name Godfré Ray King. Bill began reading the book and was amazed to find that he could actually see violet light coming out of the pages. "This was like a spiritual sign to me that I was on the right track," he recalls. Through The Summit Lighthouse, Bill later learned more about the violet flame and has been invoking it ever since.

Other people have also had a sensory confirmation of the presence of the violet flame. Steve saw a huge column of violet light appear around me after one of my lectures. Gardy, a computer programmer, saw violet light emanating from his keyboard the first time he invoked the violet flame. Adrian heard a sound like a waterfall.

Not everyone who gives the violet flame sees violet light or hears unusual sounds. Some sense violet when they close their eyes and focus on the energy center between their eyebrows. Others simply feel happier or more in tune with their Higher Self.

The violet flame imparts a feeling of élan--of vibrancy, buoyancy and vitality. It helps you to be merciful and forgiving. How does it do this? By transmuting your negative karma.

Negative energy can manifest as everything from disease or accidents to ingrained habit patterns that keep you from getting along with others. This negativity is recorded in your aura, which is the energy field that surrounds your physical body. The aura reflects positive thoughts and feelings, but it can also reflect feelings such as anger, hatred, jealousy or frustration. This includes vibrations you pick up from those around you as well as your own accumulated karma and records of past lives.

So you could be walking around all day with the anger sent to you by a grumpy cabdriver or with your own frustration over an argument that you and your spouse had during breakfast. Or, as we saw in Cynthia's story, you may be unhappy because you're carrying the burden of traumatic experiences, either from this life or past lives. This negative energy solidifies and collects around you. It can weigh you down, like a pair of cement overshoes.

But it doesn't just cover your feet. This negativity resembles a kettledrum-shaped vortex of energy that surrounds you from your waist down. I call it the electronic belt. Psychologists call it the subconscious and the unconscious. As in the case of Cynthia, this accumulated negative energy may keep you from being successful in this life.

The solution is the violet flame, the "miracle solvent" that dissolves negative energy. Giving five to fifteen minutes of violet-flame decrees in the morning or evening will help you maintain a feeling of peace throughout the day no matter what happens to you.

Once you have begun to use the violet flame to clean up your aura, you will discover that it can create positive change at all levels of your being. The violet flame can free you to progress spiritually, to enjoy the full benefit of positive energy descending from your God Presence and to realize your highest potential. Uniting with your Higher Self can take many years or even lifetimes. But each time you invoke the violet flame, you are bringing yourself closer to that goal.

The more you give violet-flame decrees, the more you free yourself from limiting conditions. Then you, as an instrument of God's love, are better able to help others. You will find that when people contact your aura, they too will receive healing and upliftment.

The true purpose of miracles is to restore wholeness to the body and to achieve union with the Higher Self. Jesus used the power of the Holy Spirit to work his miracles. The first miracle he performed was at the marriage feast in Cana of Galilee, where he turned water into wine.

The water symbolized the human consciousness being transformed into the violet wine of the Holy Spirit. This is a clue that Jesus was using the violet-flame aspect of the Holy Spirit to perform this miracle. Once you are transformed by the violet flame, you, the alchemist, can also perform miracles of spiritual and physical healing.

The violet flame goes after the schisms which cause psychological problems that go back to early childhood and previous incarnations and that have established such deep grooves within the consciousness that in fact they have been difficult to shake lifetime after lifetime.

---Saint Germain

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