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karma reincarnationI began using the Violet Flame about five years ago. I was spectacle at first, because I was raised a catholic and had never heard about this spiritual power. But since I am a professional researcher, I spent about a month studying and learning about this amazing science. It was more than interesting. The more I studied the more I wanted to try it. So I decided to try applying the violet flame in my own life as an experiment. At first everything in my life got worse. Then -- I noticed a real and measurable positive change-- especially in me and my family. I continue to practice using this science in my life. I don't know of any other way to deal with stress so effectively.

T.Menders - Los Angeles, CA

I personally have witnessed so much change in my life by the
continuous use of our decrees to the Violet Flame. The most physical miracle I've had yet was back in 96 right after SU. I together with some colleagues went hiking to Pine Creek Lake. At first I was not going to hike all the way up so I decided to stay behind. After about an hour I got a strange urge of catching up to my friends. And so I did. I jogged uphill for about three miles. I mean UP HILL! So I caught up to them. On my way down I could hardly walk. My legs were like noodles. I felt sick. Nonetheless I went to Saint Germain's Saturday service at KAC. It was as if I had stepped into a Liquid Violet fire chamber. The terrible pain in my legs and the limping and tiptoeing VANISHED. I was in deep silent awe. I took this as a gift directly to me from the Master. I wish you could live that experience to see how physical this flame can be.

E.K., Mexico City

karma esoteric

I have been using the violet flame for 26 years now. And if it didn't
work, I think I would have stopped by now. But I haven't because it gives me benefits that I can't get elsewhere. It is as simply as that. It removes heavy energies from my aura that if left to their own devices would make me feel heavy, sluggish, morose or just generally gray instead of vibrantly light.

The violet flame is like a magic fulfiller of prophecy. Let me explain. I believe there is a very real part of me that I am meant to grow into each day. But it is around the corner, out of sight. Through the violet flame I can get to the spiritual place I am intended to go, without having to rely upon my limited vision to get me there. The violet flame removes the impediments on the path and I fulfill the prophecy of my Real Self without even knowing how I did it. But I know that I did do it because I feel lighter, more joyous and relieved that I no longer have to carry those invisible weights that I didn't even know I was carrying.

L.L., Washington, D.C.

karma esoteric
I started using the violet flame as soon as I heard about it in a lecture in the human aura given by a representative of Elizabeth Clare Prophet in my hometown of Montreal about 17 1/2 years ago. Right away I saw it and felt it's wondrous transmutative power.

I began to have "perfect" days. My life experience took on a completely new and enlightened dimension. I saw things much more clearly for what they were. I was able to observe myself, my strengths and weaknesses like never before. In short, I was understanding myself.

I convinced my brother to use the violet flame so that he could end his smoking habit. It worked! He was freed from his annoying habit for the first time after years of trying.

I always feel better after giving the violet flame decrees. My mind clears, my emotions become more balanced. I become, in a word, "lighter."

I've also seen how it affects people and the world around me. People respond to me more kindly, more from their hearts. I can see the effects of the violet flame on the world. I am quite sure that the giving of the violet flame, by those who have so served over the years, has prevented many from experiencing great calamity and war; although, there is much still to be done.

Because there is so much to be done, I feel it is of great importance that as many people as can possibly learn about the violet flame, do so quickly, for the sake of our children and posterity. It is Freedom's
Flame, freeing all the world in God's name.

F.G., Montreal
karma esoteric

I started using the violet in 1975. At first I didn't understand how it worked, but it sounded interesting and my life needed improvement at the time. I started out by just giving it a few minutes a day, 5 to 10 minutes. Then one summer I was visiting family who were not aware of anything about the violet flame. They all noticed and remarked immediately upon seeing me how different I looked. Sure enough, I did look different---I looked younger!

The violet flame is amazing. It's opened up so many creative areas of my life. It's a science and a great gift from God. It has revolutionized my life in so many ways. It has allowed me to realize the real potential of my soul, by bringing me closer to God and my personal mission. On more than one occasion the violet flame has healed me of illnesses that have afflicted my body, especially chronic back problems.

M.C., California
karma esoteric

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