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What is the Violet Flame?


Know that there is such a thing as spiritual fire.  All of creation at a certain level of realization is energy. There are frequencies and refinements of this energy that cannot — at least not presently in our history — be recorded by physical instruments.

There is a certain high frequency of spiritual energy known as the "violet flame" that has been known to spiritual adepts for thousands of years. It was re-introduced to this century by an Ascended Master, Saint Germain. It can actually be invoked by special kinds of prayers known as "decrees," mantras, fiats, etc. When given with sincerity, intense devotion and vivid visualization, this violet flame can literally transmute negative thoughts and feelings, such as stress, fear, doubt, hate, anger, depression and so forth, into a positive and centered disposition, even into a joyous feeling.

It is possible to use precise formulas of the spoken word to command the flow of light from one's Superconscious to one's conscious mind — unlocking an unlimited creative potential. So, in this sense, yes, "The Force" can be with you, as the Jedi Knights are so fond of saying in the Star Wars movies.

Some of the essential qualities of the violet flame include: joy, forgiveness and transmutation of negativity and disease into light. Some specialties associated with the violet flame include: drama, spiritual alchemy and the role of the priest.

There are other amazing properties of the violet flame in action. It can be invoked to cleanse one's system of emotional and physical poisons, and, thus, can have a healing effect on the mind and body. It will transmute karma and will erase the cause of the effect behind disease

It can, therefore, raise your self-esteem and help you to be happy with yourself. It can actually clear the records of past lifetimes.

HOWEVER, VERY IMPORTANT HERE IS THE MESSAGE THAT:  the power of the violet flame will remain sealed in your Higher Consciousness unless you summon it via the Science of the Spoken Word.

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